Monday, January 2, 2012

Blago’s Truth

When I sat watching the verdict handed down to Rod Blagojevich I wasn’t shocked that he was found guilty, but the years that were handed to him did shock me. I know he did wrong and everyone else does too but there are many people that have committed crimes worse than what he did and they haven’t received such a lengthy penalty. I wondered what he could’ve done better.
Instead of being so careless he should’ve thought about his family and daughters that will now grow up without their father. He should’ve set aside greed and ambition and thought about what could happen if he got caught; maybe he should’ve thought about the seriousness of what he was walking into and not think of himself being superior to the rest; with all that being said it’s a little too late for what could’ve been.
Rod Blagojevich is now the fourth governor who’s been caught in the seriously corrupt state of Illinois. It’s disconcerting to have to relive that again and it seems the punishment is becoming more severe. Even though no one may want to say anything, there are many involved in wrongdoing and probably were part of his dealings in wanting to buy Obama’s seat, which by the way people have phrased it like that but it really doesn’t belong to Obama. Those people that were involved are just quietly hoping no one looks their way; many are shocked Blagojevich didn’t start throwing out names; I guess he didn’t want to be a snitch if he did that and maybe he was afraid for his family.
When you think of all the seedy and crooked politicians that you know are out there ripping people off you can’t help but wonder about them. However, I do know that just like it took Rod Blagojevich years to be put away and his predecessors, they too will eventually get caught; it’s just a matter of time.
The phrase of the poem ‘If’ that was written by Rudyard Kipling and quoted by Blagojevich should’ve gone something like this. If I hadn’t been so greedy and thought about myself instead of my loved ones, if I hadn’t fooled myself thinking no one was listening and I was cutting a deal that would eventually put me behind bars, if I could only turn back the hands of time and start all over again walking the fine and narrow, if I would’ve stopped my ego from getting the best of me instead of letting it take over I wouldn’t find myself in the situation I am in now, I would be with my family, I would enjoy watching my girls grow up and I would be the man everyone is proud of.
The truth of the matter is Rod Blagojevich had a lot of enemies that wanted him out and despite the fact that he seems to be such a charismatic individual and people flock to him, that isn’t the reality. The circle he hangs around can be as corrupt as he became, just listening to those tapes said a lot, but then again people that get into politics and government start out one way and end up another. It’s sad to see a person that was half-way decent in the beginning change into a vicious, egomaniacal individual that only thinks about himself and cares little about others, but that’s the society we live in and those are the individuals that make laws.
What I find wrong is if one person had to do with someone dying like Conrad Murray and was handed four years and another got caught up in the game like Rod Blagojevich and winds up with fourteen years where ‘s the justice in that? I’ve heard many say we didn’t hear all of the evidence that was presented and his punishment did fit the crime, and maybe by the years handed down to him it will be a way to deter others from breaking the law. I guess they’re trying to make Rod Blagojevich the poster boy for crime determent; fat chance that will happen. People will continue to break the law and the state of Illinois will continue to be as corrupt as it’s always been.
When he was sentenced, he wasn’t the only one who received that sentencing; it was also handed down to his entire family. He will soon be heading to prison, what he did will be yesterday’s news and reporters will seek another scandal to write about.
It’s a shame that some people were happy about it and some were asking him to apologize to the people of Illinois; I don’t think it really matters if he did or didn’t. If Rod Blagojevich were to apologize then you can ask the same of all the crooked politicians that state is known for; Al Capone made it famous for being corrupt and everyone else has continued the legacy of corruption.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Right to Be Born

I was watching a Spanish soap opera called “El Derecho de Nacer” which was about an aristocratic family and their values whose daughter got pregnant. The child’s biological father wanted her to get an abortion, and the idea of her bringing such a stigma and shame on their name was too much for her own father to handle, therefore being a tyrant he plans on having is grandson killed to erase all traits that his daughter was ever pregnant and a baby was brought into this world.

The daughter has a nanny who’s a black woman and she had her promise if she sees her child in danger to flee with him. One night the child is stolen by the right hand man of her father and the nanny wakes up just in time and runs to the fields when the man raises his machete to bring it down on the new-born.
It’s amazing to see the courage of this black woman run and get in front of the baby and tell him if he’s going to kill the child to kill her also. She pleads and talks him out of the crime he’s about to commit and flees with the child. He cuts his hand and wraps something around it and takes the blood stained machete to the father and has him believe he not only killed the child but the nanny as well because she got in the way.
Life takes on many turns for this black woman and a white baby but she manages to take on different jobs to support the child. They have to go from one place to another because they lack the money to pay rent; they suffer discrimination, hunger and the injustices that come to a woman and a small boy. Despite all of that she manages to save money and is determined to raise him and make a good man out of the child.
He later becomes a doctor and the irony of it all is that they return to the place they fled when he was a baby and their paths cross his biological mother and her family. This movie is spell binding  and you’re glued to your seat at what ambition, aristocratic ideals, courage, determination, discrimination, hypocrisy, selflessness, and unbiased love can do to a human being.
When a woman becomes pregnant and decides to have an abortion because the child may come at a time when she’s not prepared to take on that responsibility, or the father decides he doesn’t want to be a part of it the one that suffers is the child. Today the supreme court says it’s a woman’s right to choose and many sustain the legalities of that decision, however when you see this movie and you hear about one man’s way of thinking and man’s laws that have to do with the birth of a child, those same people that sit on the court may have been deprived of life if someone would’ve decided they didn’t have the right to live.

Many would say abortion is just a fetus and isn’t really a child; however Jehovah God doesn’t see it that way. “Your eyes saw even the embryo of me. And in your book all its parts were down in writing, as regards the days when they were formed and there was not yet one among them.” Psalms 139: 16
Thinking of his social status and what people would think caused the grandfather to make a criminal decision in depriving his grandson the right to live.  He lived his entire life regretting what had happened because he thought his grandson had been killed, but when he realized his grandson was alive and had grown up to be a doctor he asked God for forgiveness and thanked him for his grandson’s life.
In conclusion, the ultimate question is, “Who’s right, Jehovah God, who’s all-knowing and created all things or humans that are still trying to see what they can create and will never be satisfied?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What do Changing Seasons Tell Us about Our Future?

When we see leaves changing their colors from green to red and then orange we know autumn is approaching. When trees are in a barren state, winter is definitely upon us. After we’ve been consumed with cold weather for several months and flowers start blooming, spring has finally arrived and when days start getting longer and trees have welcomed green leaves again, summer has returned. These signs that all of us observe on a yearly basis are a certainty there’s going to be a change all around us, and we have counted on them for many years.
What about world events? What do those signs tell us and what does that have to do with our future? Just like changing seasons, they are very much related. By observing the situation you too can know exactly what’s transpiring, why it’s happening and what’s to come next.
Millions of years ago when Jesus Christ was on earth he was questioned about what signs to look for when it came to the conclusion of the system of things. Back then people were as curious as they are today about their future and what to expect; what we’re seeing is that prediction.
“… wars and disorders, nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom; earthquakes, pestilences, food shortages, great necessity and wrath.” Luke 21: 9-11, 23
If you turn on the television and watch the news the Middle East is in an uproar. A year ago they were celebrating the ousting of Mubarak and today they’re back to square one. They don’t have democracy and freedom like they thought they would, and many say it’s worse than before. Israel and Palestine still haven’t come to any agreement regarding peace and are inching towards war. Iran is building nuclear weapons disregarding sanctions that will be placed on them. India already has them in case it’s attacked. North and South Korea have inner turmoil and Somalia massacres its own. Greece and Italy are in financial crisis and the people of London take to the streets and riot against police dissatisfied with the government’s policy. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq haven’t subsided though many troops are going to be withdrawn, and in the United States the occupation of Wall Street has extended to other states; countries have also joined in solidarity. The anger that people display is palpable because many have lost their jobs and homes, thus they’re desperate and unsure about what their future will bring. Everywhere you look people are marching, screaming, fighting in order to bring change.
Just like changing seasons and its signs, these are the signs we observe in a world that’s rapidly reaching a climax toward its end; more of us need to pay attention instead of focusing on bargains for this holiday shopping. It would be painfully sad to disregard what’s happening and when you do it’s too late. I think a person needs to put their priorities in order when it comes to their survival instead of storming into stores to buy gifts. Too many people are idyllically carrying on with their life because they say things have always been like this and will return to normalcy, but the reality is that won’t happen. Has anything improved since Obama took office and talked about change?
All of us are familiar with the Titanic, a ship that was supposed to be unsinkable, unfortunately that was far from the truth. However, the sinking of the Titanic didn’t come as a surprise like many thought. The captain was given several warnings about icebergs in the area and instead of heeding them, he accelerated the ship because he wanted to arrive earlier and make a grand entrance on his last maiden voyage since he was planning to retire. It really was his last.
The passengers were told to get to the lifeboats quickly and they chose to continue drinking and partying thinking they had more time and the situation really wasn’t that serious.  The sinking of the Titanic could’ve been prevented, but because of greed, pride and people being negligent and stubborn many lost their lives. We can say that the world is the Titanic and warnings are being given but many choose not to listen. Many holidays may come and go, so will Black Fridays and its mob of people, but with each year that passes there’s more disaster, heartache, elections of people not coming to an agreement, countries at war with each other, unemployment and people not being satisfied with their circumstances; it’s all a catalyst of  what was predicted long ago.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Your Mirror Says About You

I’m always searching, looking and wondering why people do the things they do, what God must think of their behavior and how man can be so depraved. When a person is deep in their mire of depravity, do they ever stop to think about their actions? Of course not or else they would stop what they’re doing.
I’m the voice of the innocent that can’t speak for themselves, those who are raped viciously and sodomized without conscience by someone who violated their trust; that rag doll used for gratification to placate the appetite of someone degenerate.
I’m that child that looks at you before drifting to sleep; the one who senses their parent will never hurt them.
I’m also the elderly that takes a little longer to walk because their youth is gone, their strength has left them and despite being frail they’re wise beyond their years.
The nurse that holds your hand when you’re in the hospital, the doctor who reassures you that everything is going to be okay, the fireman that comes to your rescue, the cop that guides your way and the teacher that stands before her class looking at the future.
I’m the prosecutor that sternly looks at the jury pleading the case of a victim and the judge who brings down the gavel condemning you for a merciless crime.
The cry of injustice is what I write about; the triumph of individuals is what I bring to the table and the endless questions of why people are wronged, of better days to come and a future with hope. I write articles many may not want to hear or turn away from because they’ve been calloused by the system.  However, a person should never let themselves get too obstinate because they never know if something they read puts things into perspective.
How far into the day or night have many of us ventured looking for something better in our own imagination or literally? Lovers and married couples with that one last look or dance, teenagers partying and laughing carrying on oblivious to the consequences, people going to work though they hate their job knowing they have to feed their family, those unemployed who continue to hit the pavement come out empty and say that interview will be their last when they know that’s not true, and beggars in the street asking for a handout putting aside their pride and what others may think of them. “Get a job,” I hear many say. Their look of dejection speaks volumes. It’s at that moment I feel for them because we really may not know their circumstances and it takes a lot to walk in front of traffic knowing people will not give you anything and think the worse of you. This is your world and mine.
The United States who preaches military service doesn’t realize that many who are homeless are Veterans. Many of those so-called bums served in the war. Don’t you think they’re being a bit hypocritical in their stand? Are they only good enough when they’re serving their country, have the uniform on, and aren’t broken? Is an elderly only good enough when they’re young and when they start getting older discard them? Is a person less of a man or woman if they don’t have a limb?
I don’t doubt for a minute that people are as disgusted as I am when they hear about someone who’s been wronged or mistreated, and I know deep in my heart that everyone wants the best for each other or else that would classify you as being as bad as the rest, but I hope next time we’re quick to think wrong of someone, we stop in our tracks and remember what that says about us. The prominence of the person at one time doesn’t negate who they are.
Help an elderly crossing the street or check on them and see if they need anything. Come to the aid of a child especially if you see an adult taking advantage of them, and don’t forget to give to those that can’t pay you back, it incenses me to know that people do favors thinking the person owes them. If you’re going to have that attitude, don’t do it.
The Town Crier writes about your triumphs, pain, daily living, survival, and hope that all of us desperately need. I enjoy being on my soapbox and refuse to get off.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Betrayal of a Man

I sat there looking at the news and saw how Joe Paterno’s son was saying he wished his father was there for the last game of the season. Huh? What did he just say? I couldn’t believe this grown man was crying when he said that, and it was all because his father wasn’t able to attend. I’m not trying to be sarcastic but did he realize his father didn’t say anything over something he knew many years ago? In other words Joe Paterno was as guilty as Jerry Sandusky for remaining quiet and permitting this to go on longer. I know a lot of people will say let it go already but that’s just an excuse so no one talks while pedophiles continue molesting children. I’m not going to let it go.
It makes me sick to see men like that cry over a game, oh boo hoo. If anything he should be crying about his father being an accomplice to child abuse. He should be embarrassed and disgusted. I would if it would’ve been my father. The gall to think you can just cry over what happened and everyone’s supposed to feel sorry for you because your father who was a winning coach wasn’t at the game. It was his own fault he wasn’t there.
What about the victims? Who cried for them the first time it happened and they stood there wondering what was going on?  Who cried for them when they were being led to the showers and touched in places they never dreamed of? Who cried for them when they were being sodomized? Who cried for them when their whole demeanor changed and they knew they would never be the same again?
We’re Penn State; really? Yes I know everyone hugged, got down on their knees and there was a moment of silence for the victims; just a moment of silence for years of suffering and abuse? Were they kidding or what? Try telling that to the victims and the families that are going through this pain. They would probably tell you to keep your moment of silence and give back the childhood that was stolen, but that’s not possible is it, because it was stolen by a pervert.

We're Penn State? Really? I think they need to think about that statement because after the way they behaved defending those involved, does that mean they're all a bunch of perverts?
These predators and pedophiles that go around abusing and taking advantage of children think they can hide behind organizations and their own persona, then say they didn’t do anything and people are supposed to believe them. They’re a disgrace. The sad thing is many know what’s happening but don’t report it because their job may be in jeopardy. The ones that are courageous and bold enough to take them on corroborate with the child that they were seen performing a sexual act.
Joe Paterno isn’t new to child abuse, he’s just one of many that knew something and didn’t reveal it so because of that his image is tarnished. I can no longer see him the same way I did before though I never cared about college football, and I don’t think anyone can hear the name Penn State and not think of the child abuse scandal that happened there where no one said anything including the famous Joe Paterno.

When I was sitting in my room yesterday I thought about all those people who were attending Penn State when that happened; I wondered how they feel knowing they were paying a school that permitted that to happen. I know they didn’t know so it’s not like they could do anything about it, but I would be angry that I too financed that institution.
All of us can see that people are not willing to put up with it anymore and a person needs to continue talking about it. If you stop, they win, thus talk and talk some more because the more focus on it the better it is for victims to know pedophiles are being cornered everywhere they are.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State’s Shame

This week what many of us have been saying about child abuse and always falls on “deaf ears” exploded, the scandal at a prestigious university such as Penn State has everyone up in arms over what happened to children ten years ago. It’s abhorrent and repulsive to know that a grown man was involved in this type of behavior and worse other grown men were aware of it and did nothing. They cared more about football than saving the very ones who were toys in the hands of a monster or monsters, because it’s been said that Jerry Sandusky was pimping out young boys to rich donors.

Jerry Sandusky founded The Second Mile for underprivileged children. The boys went on trips and special occasions his charity offered, but that’s not the only thing they did; he would later take the boys to the showers and touched them engaging in sexual relations with boys as young as eleven years old. His aberrant behavior changed the lives of many who were made to feel special at one time and later became prey to this monster. He took their innocence away and they will never be the same. Despite the fact he claimed to feel bad about what happened, the only thing he feels bad about is he was caught.
Pedophiles Tactics
The pattern is always the same when it comes to how they operate. Their focus is on children and how to get close to them. They go for those that are underprivileged or may lack what many do. They find ways to accommodate them and impress them with gifts and trips. He knew Penn State University was famous and imposing; children having impressionable minds fell for what he said especially if they were receiving things they never had before. The boys saw him as someone they trusted and helped them out, and since he knew that, he took advantage of their naiveté. The heinous acts this man committed were abominable so why are Penn State students so upset? Have they read everything that went on?
Students Questionable Behavior
Everyone knows that Joe Paterno took on a football team and had a record of winning games, there’s a statue of him on campus and everyone says he’s Penn State; he even goes by JOE PA. Regardless of his echelons when it came to his career, he disregarded the conduct of a member in his team and what he was doing. Did he ever stop to think that was someone’s child? Would it have mattered if it would’ve been his grandchild?
The students seem to have a problem that Joe Paterno was fired, but is that really all that’s to it? Do they know that Joe Paterno said, “He knew about an incident years ago but didn’t report it?” Is it also because it shatters the appearance of a university that permitted child molestation to take place? Their aggressive and violent behavior doesn’t help matters. It’s a slap to the victims that went through this horrendous experience and it’s also extremely immature to be in college and act this way.
I agree with the trustees who fired Joe Paterno. If students have a problem with that it’s too bad, they need to pay attention to the fact that he never said anything when he knew something. Though it may seem like it’s a popularity contest about a person and institution, it involves lives of others that are forever changed; they need to get a grip with reality and stop being so senseless and superficial, or they’re just as bad as the ones that abused and remained silent. I don’t know how men like that can sleep at night, nor do I know how people who stand by them have the conscience to go on with their merry life as if it doesn’t affect them. Unfortunately all of us know that the name of the game is not only football but MONEY and that’s what was buying silence. Nevertheless, those children grew up and opened Pandora’s Box about what happened to them. The staff at Penn State never saw that coming but it happened and just like them there are many pedophiles that are doing the same thing.
I hope this serves as a lesson to all who think they will never get caught; yes you will, it’s just a matter of time; people do get suspicious and sooner or later someone’s going to start talking, don’t forget children grow up and become adults; they’re no longer afraid of you and you’re no longer an intimidating factor in their life; the masks fall and the world then sees who pedophiles are even in a prestigious university.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Voice of the Innocent

Whenever you think of a child what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think about how they run, play and are full of energy? Do you think about their endless questions, their adventurous attitude in doing things you would’ve never thought of, or do you see your own children and are amazed and impressed at how bright they can be?
Whenever you think about child abuse what comes to your mind? Do you shun it, not try to think about it and avoid the fact that an adult is abusing someone who can’t defend him/herself?  Do you ever think that because a child is being abused they will never be the same again and may have to go through hours and years of therapy? Do you also think they will suffer when it comes to their own self-image and relationships?
Effects on Children

Children who are sexually abused are confused and don’t have anyone to turn to especially if they’re young. If it’s a family member abusing them they wonder why they’re doing that. Is that what love feels like? If it’s a neighbor and they’re being abused, is that what playing’s all about? With each individual who abuses them they’re sworn to secrecy. “No one has to know what we do; it’s our secret.” Sexually abused children are made to feel they have to keep quiet about something that doesn’t feel right and sometimes they’re even threatened if they say anything. However, if it’s supposed to be right why do they have to keep quiet, not tell anyone and why does it feel so wrong?
Regrettably this subject is one people choose to stay away from and what happens is the community thinks those in authority and prestige are upstanding citizens. That’s far from the truth. Who ever said that money and prestige meant you were a moral person, and how many times has a person been wrong about another’s character? Some of the most corrupt people are those that have money and prestige and not everyone is who you think they are.  Just because you have a haven and charity for children doesn’t mean you’re not a predator, nor am I saying those who do, are, but you have to be careful to think that anything an adult does for a child is because he or she has good intentions.
Penn State

For many years Penn State has been an outstanding university because of its record when it comes to football. Now I can say that squeaky clean image has been tarnished because that university allowed one of its staff members to molest children ten years ago.  This week a scandal broke out on Penn State University over the defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky who was sexually abusing children ten years ago. Yesterday a ninth victim also accused him. How many more were abused and are silent remains to be seen.
Jerry Sandusky put a charity together years ago to help children and many believe that was a subtle way of getting close to them. It’s too bad he like many, do this to satisfy their lascivious behavior, it’s also unconscionable if anyone knows what’s going on and they don’t say anything they’re enablers to a crime. I feel for the victims and their families they didn’t pick up on what was really behind his charity work. We may never know all who were involved in what was happening, but though they may have a stellar record of winning games they also have one that screams child molestation.

Fall from Grace

Joe Paterno who was the coach of the football team for many years is resigning after this season; more than anything he was probably asked to go. After I heard that his news conference was cancelled I knew there was trouble. Jerry Sandusky was coordinator of the team he coached so it happened under his watch. I’m not saying he knew everything about his colleague’s personal life, but I doubt he didn’t know something about his friend’s behavior. It’s hard for me to believe or accept that something’s going on for that amount of time with children and no one knows anything about it, especially a charity that Jerry Sandusky founded. Were children objects tossed around for this man’s sexual gratification? It’s obvious they cared more about football than they did children. They didn’t think what that was doing to the child and should be ashamed of themselves, therefore because of their negligence and behavior they need to be removed.  

I know many people went to Joe’s house and let him know they stood with him. I think he’s so embarrassed over what happened he doesn’t know what to do. He may also feel guilty or blame himself that he could’ve done more.  If he didn’t know anything then he’s exonerated but if he knew at least something about Jerry Sandusky and what he suspected was going on, he should’ve said something, and if he knew and didn’t, he shouldn’t wait until the season’s over but retire now. There’s no excuse for that even at the cost of winning football games. Think of your own child, how would you feel?